Childcare Educators – How To Ace The Back To School Season

21 August 2017

Like with the school system, for many daycare educators the new academic year begins at the end of August. In many cases, the vacation time taken by staff coincides with parents’ holidays. The end of summer means going back to work! At this point, the older children at the daycare move on to kindergarten, making […]

Learning To Walk – 4 Tips For Baby’s First Steps

1 August 2017

After crawling like a soldier in the trenches and inching along on all fours like a dog, your child’s next step, the one you’ve been waiting for impatiently, will be learning to walk. Taking our first steps is a natural learning process for humans. Nevertheless, you can encourage and facilitate your child’s transition from being […]

Things To Avoid When Choosing Your Multi-Passenger Stroller

30 April 2017

The number of young passengers in your stroller should never stop you from getting outside! Choosing the right ride for your little youngsters is child’s play…if you avoid making the following mistakes: Choosing a stroller that is too heavy The multi-passenger stroller is your best bet for daily outings to your little squad’s favourite park. […]